Book Making in Rome

This book making project brought out my passion for visual design and photography. I was selected for the UW Design Program in Rome. I learned about photography basics, and Italian art history as we toured around the city. The book is a combination of photography, visual design, and hands on book making skills. The photographs remind me of the amazing adventures I had with my cohorts. I will always cherish the wonderful memories in Rome.


Project estimate time - 4 weeks



UW Design Program | Book Making in Rome


At the end of my sophomore year at the University of Washington, I studied abroad in the Rome Design Program that covered photography, design history, and art history. At the end of the trip, I made a book filled with photos I took in Italy. In this journey I learned so much more about photo retouching, design layouts, and book binding, that helped me realize my passion for visual design. I will always cherish the inspiring memories in Rome. Hope you enjoy the book!

Duration: 1 month
My Role: Visual Design, Photography, Book Binding (and Eating Italian Food)
Tools: Indesign, Photoshop, Lightroom

cover page.jpg


Crafting the book was like composing a symphony of paper, paints, and photography - creating the perfect balance of elements to present to the reader.



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A meaningful encounter . . . . . . 


When I was touring near Campo de' Fiori, I stopped by an amazing shop of leather goods. There, I met the store owner and designer Federico Polidori. I was immediately attracted to his leather craft techniques, and admired his dedication to crafting. He kindly accepted my request to take of portrait of him in his environment. I later gave him the photo printed and framed with care to thank him for showing me his work and sharing his life story. We exchanged a few emails, and sent each other sketches of this customized camera bag that I made myself a promise to get in the future. :)