Salad Bowl

Salad Bowl UV .jpg

No More Soggy Salads

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I designed this on-the-go salad bowl during my internship at Progressive International. This was the first product I brought the the market from concept to completion. Working among experienced designers, I learned to bring empathy for users into the design process. At the early research phase, I enjoyed learning about salad eating habits, googling favorite homemade recipes, and reading customer reviews of competitors products. I immersed myself into the users environment by bringing salad to work for over a month, testing usability of various containers. It was an amazing experience to truly understand users problems, and create designs that put people first. 

Company: Progressive International
Job Title: Industrial Design Intern
Duration: 6 months (including sample testing)
My Role: Market Research, Ideation, 3D Modeling, Rendering, Sample Testing
Tools: Solidworks, Keyshot, Photoshop


Market Research

Salad Process Image.jpg
Salad Process Research .jpg

Concept Development

Salad Process Sketch 2.jpg
Salad Process Sketch 2.jpg
Salad Process Sketch 3.jpg



Keyshot Rendering

salad container render.jpg

3D Printing & Design Refining 


Off Tool Samples From Vendor 

Salad Bowl Evolution.jpg
Salad Bowl UV 2.jpg
Salas Box.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 11.48.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 12.00.45 AM.png